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401k Rollovers PortlandIf you end up changing jobs, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is what to do with your 401k.

For many people, their 401k is the heart of their future retirement. That’s why it is vital that you handle it with care in the event that you need to proceed with a 401k rollover when changing jobs.

Should you roll your 401k over to an IRA? Maybe you should cash it out? If your new employer has a 401k plan, how about rolling it into their plan? What if you are between jobs and don’t know what to do with your 401k while you work on your future employment?

There are many factors to consider and just as many avenues you can take when considering what to do with your 401k after cutting ties with an employer. You can discus all of your options in great detail with Healthy Financial.

If you are starting a new job and need to know what to do with your old 401k, first gather all of the information related to your new employer’s 401k plan. While it’s often best to roll your 401k into your new employer’s plan, that’s not always the case. Often your investment options and the fees that you could potentially incur make it wiser to consider other options.

If you are uncertain as to what choice is right for you, the experts at Healthy Financial can go over your options with you and assess the pros and cons of each option you have. We can help bring into focus the often cloudy details involved in making such important financial decisions.

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